Stay Motivated!

Have you ever been motivated? Motivated to get back in to shape, save up for a house, or go back to school to earn that degree you’ve always wanted? If so, what was that source of motivation? Was it something you saw on tv? Was it something you read in a magazine? Or was it a simple conversation with a friend that just gave you that AHA! moment? I can tell you one thing, it wasn’t any of those things. Sure they may have been the reason a cord struck you to have that moment of serendipity, but in all actuality, all that was was a simple pawn placed in front of you by the universe. 
Throughout life we have moments of realization that come to us at the most unexpected times. Great things, and I do not mean that they always present itself in the purest of forms. There are times when we are met with difficulties, only for us to realize the possibility of a positive outcome. For example, you’ve longed for a car for the longest time, but never had the money to buy one, so you hitch a ride to work in a carpool. One day you dont make it to work because the driver decided that they weren’t car pooling anymore. You call your job to let them know what happened, and the affect of not showing up was terms for dismissal. Now, you feel like the world is crashing down on you, no job, no car, no way to pay your bills. You begin to panic and immediately your mind goes in to survival mode, so the very next day, you hop on the bus and go from company to company filling out applications for a new job position. In a few weeks you get a call back from a job that is not only willing to pay you more than your last but to give you a company car to get to and from work. You see, not everything the universe puts in your path is meant to be golden. Difficult roads are put in your path to test your limits, to see how hard you are willing to fight to keep up with the power of what is meant for you. At times it may seem as the universe is against you, but I assure you, it isn’t. You are against it. It’s only merely guiding you in the direction you are meant to be on. Stay positive, stay focused, and keep going. Eventually all roads lead to somewhere. 


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